The Story of Geuzenhof

The Story of Geuzenhof – green, social, experimental The research project investigates the development process of a special housing complex with gardens: Geuzenhof in Amsterdam (NL) built between 1933-1940. Amsterdam’s expansion plans, developed in the early 19th century, were based …

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Archive Stories Interfaces

Archive stories interfaces Developing a storyline and new storytelling formats for the new collection platform The Other Interface of Het Nieuwe Instituut (NL). The goal is to encourage visitors to discover the complex National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning in an …

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Filtering the elements

Systematic Storytelling for an artist I designed a web platform for Dutch artist Natascha Hagenbeek. As a forecaster, she signals societal developments yet to come, and reveals those that counterbalance fixed systems and bring positive change to our world. Her …

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The Infinite Narrative

The Infinite Narrative –A systematic approach to complex stories by Gerlinde Schuller How can a complex story be effectively communicated?This is the opening question of the research project which examines to what extent a synthesis of systems design and storytelling can facilitate …

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Systematic Storytelling

Systematic Storytelling – An information design method for presenting complex storylines by Gerlinde Schuller Systematic Storytelling is an information design method that combines systems design and storytelling in order to meet a variety of user needs. It is predestined for …

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Amsterdam in documents

Amsterdam in documents by Mariëlle Hageman and Gerlinde Schuller The starting point of this systematic book are the numerous archiving processes used in the Amsterdam City Archives, one of the largest city archives in the world. From the extensive collection …

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