How can a complex story be effectively communicated? This is the opening question of the research project The Infinite Narrative which examines to what extent a synthesis of systems design and storytelling can facilitate and enrich the communication of complicated, multi-layered contents.

Therefore I analysed 10 inspiration sources at the intersection of system design and storytelling from different disciplines, such as literature, art, information design, film, urban planning and data visualisation.
I disassembled them into their conceptual components to find out how their systematic and storytelling-ingredients complement and enrich each other.
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The Library of Babel (1941) Jorge Luis Borges
Trajan’s Column (112/113 CE) Rome (IT)
Cultural History 1880-1983 (2003) Hanne Darboven
Mannheim – City of Squares (1813) Germany
Family Tree (2018) Joanna Kaplanis, Yaniv Erlich, New York Genome Center (US)
‘24’ TV series (2001) Fox (US)
It was me. Diary 1900-1999 (2002) Daniela Comani
Garden Cities of To-morrow (1902) Ebenezer Howard
Today Series (1966-2014) On Kawara
COVID-19 Dashboard (2020) Ensheng Dong, Hongru Du, Lauren Gardner, Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (US)

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