West Best Talkshow

On Saturday I had a lovely evening at the West Best Talkshow talking about my project The Story of Geuzenhof, a long-term documentation about social housing, green heritage and residents’ participation. By chance I met someone, who was born and …

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Talking about Geuzenhof

In the meantime, I have completed the research for my project ‘The Story of Geuzenhof‘ and will start presenting the project to the public. I look forward to seeing you at one of the first presentations in the coming weeks. …

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Re-mixed heritage

I will give a talk on my project ‘Our craft is our heritage’, on intercultural heritage and forgotten crafts… and in this I will take you on a journey right across Europe. April 24, 2024, 19:30 ––International Council on Monuments …

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The Story of Geuzenhof

The end of my research for my project ‘The Story of Geuzenhof‘ is in sight. I have gathered fascinating, gripping stories and found intriguing visual material that I could never have imagined. My research will be published on the collection …

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Field research in Romania

In August I spent three weeks in Transylvania (Romania), researching for my project ‘Our craft is our heritage‘. Taking the crafts of the Transylvanian Saxons as a starting point, I am investigating the cultural connections between the Netherlands, Germany and …

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