On Saturday I had a lovely evening at the West Best Talkshow talking about my project The Story of Geuzenhof, a long-term documentation about social housing, green heritage and residents’ participation.

By chance I met someone, who was born and raised in the Geuzenhof and could tell me more unique stories about this special housing complex in Amsterdam (NL). …and I had to realise once again “A research is never finished…”.

It was an inspiring evening with interesting guests, including Willem Dieleman from the Museum of Unintentional Art, Alexander Stukenberg (Stichting Stolpersteine), Annet Bos and Cato Fluitsma.
Thank you to the brillant hosts Reineke Jonker and Micha Schneijderberg for having me.

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At the West Best Talkshow on 25 May 2024.

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