Geuzenhof 1 – A communal garden by Mien Ruys

The project documents the restoration of the Geuzenhof 1 garden in Amsterdam (NL). It was designed in 1933 by internationally renowned Dutch garden architect Wilhelmina Jacoba (Mien) Ruys (1904-1999). Geuzenhof 1 was Mien Ruys first social housing project. Both the housing complex and the garden are community monuments.

I have been living in the complex for 15 years and I am member of the garden commission. This commission, formed by 4-5 residents, initiated the restoration of the garden and accompanies its realisation in 2022/2023.

The project documents the 5-year working process, in which more than 300 residents had a voice. It also examines the historical social aspects of the Mien Ruys concept and compares them with today’s requirements of a garden in terms of social community, climate change and the preservation of cultural, green heritage.

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Geuzenhof 1 garden, Amsterdam (NL), 2018
Geuzenhof 1 garden, Amsterdam (NL), 2022
Geuzenhof 1 garden, Amsterdam (NL), 1935
Geuzenhof 1 garden, Amsterdam (NL), 1953
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