The end of my research for my project ‘The Story of Geuzenhof‘ is in sight. I have gathered fascinating, gripping stories and found intriguing visual material that I could never have imagined.

My research will be published on the collection platform ‘The Other Interface’ of Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam (NL).

In addition, I will translate the research into an exhibition.

In my research so far, I conducted more than 30 interviews and dug into numerous archives.

I have spoken to the following people in recent months:

Landscape architect Ward Maaswinkel talked to me about the redesign of a monumental garden. Ward worked for Copijn, Utrecht (NL), when he designed the redevelopment plan for the Geuzenhof 1-Garden in 2020, that was originally designed by Mien Ruys in 1934. Mark Reijndorp, horticulturist at Copijn was in charge of turning the plan into reality.

Fashion designer Bonne Reijn showed me some surprising photos of his great-aunt Mien Ruys, with whom he lived for a few years as a child. His aunt has been an important source of inspiration for his work.

In the compelling conversation with Ioana Biris I learned about methodologies to appreciate green heritage by experiencing it.

Johanna Klein-Berghoef told me interesting facts about the architectural legacy of her father Johannes F. Berghoef, one of the architects of Geuzenhof.

I also learnt a lot about the working approach of architect Johannes F. Berghoef in a conversation with Jennifer Bosch-Meyer, who has written a comprehensive dissertation on his work.

Hester Aardse, advisor urban heritage and historic landscapes at Monumenten & Archeologie Gemeente Amsterdam, explained to me why the Geuzenhof and its communal garden have been placed under a monument protection order.

Architect Gijs Bolhuis, who was external advisor urban heritage for the district De Baarsjes in the 1990s, shared many valuable details on the criteria for monument protection and the consequences for residents.

Historian David Barnouw, an ex-resident of Geuzenhof, described to me the atmosphere he experienced in the complex in the 1980s, while we meandered through the newly created garden.

I had some great conversations with Phia de Groot, a Geuzenhof resident who lives in a flat that has been continuously shared by the family for more than 80 years. Back in the early 1950s, she already played at Geuzenhof as a child.

I also spoke to Diana van de Berg, who grew up in the Geuzenhof and ran her own sport school here for many years.

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