“We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result at the centre of a media narrative characterised by unprecedented complexity and dynamism. How can information design assist in effectively communicating this explosion of news and data?”

The Infinite Narrative –
Systematic Storytelling for complex information

by Gerlinde Schuller

I will kick off my research project The Infinite Narrative with an essay describing the starting point and framework of my exploration.

The text covers the following topics:
–Informing and entertaining
–Separating truth and lies
–Communicating complex stories
–Synthesis of system design and storytelling
–Complement to the existing practice of information design

The essay is published on Nightingale, the Journal of the Data Visualization Society.

Read the English article
Read the German version of the article

The Library of Babel (1941)
Jorge Luis Borges

The essay is accompanied by different inspiration sources.
I am looking for additional inspirational projects at the intersection of system design and storytelling.

If you can offer assistance, please contact me at: studio(at)theworldasflatland.net

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