“Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude customers. Designers shouldn’t marginalise people with an impairment and should create designs that are inclusive for all people. How can they create products that enable a wide range of diverse people to access those products?”

Inclusive design – Brainstorming

At the beginning of July I took part in a design brainstorming by Greenberry, which examined the methods and goals of Inclusive Design.

Overview of brainstorming - post-its

More than 20 designers, clients and stakeholders brainstormed around the following questions:
–What is successful in the field of Inclusive Design and what goes wrong?
–What needs to be improved to make design more inclusive?
–What is needed from clients, authorities and design teams to achieve this?

The long-term objective is to start working on a toolkit that will be broadly deployable for companies, government, organisations, designers and developers.

In my research project Designing universal knowledge I investigated the approach of Universal Design. Read here about the overlap between Inclusive and Universal Design and why it is recommended to integrate both in one design process.

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