Open Gardens West

During the Open Gardens West (Open Tuinen West) last Saturday I had the opportunity to present my project ‘The Story of Geuzenhof‘ to the public during guided tours. The setting of my research project – the Geuzenhof complex in Amsterdam …

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Article on Geuzenhof-project

Under the title ‘Sociaal groen’ (Social green), an article appeared today in Het Parool about my project ‘The Story of Geuzenhof‘ and the residential complex of that name in Amsterdam (NL). Bart van Zoelen (text) and Jakob van Vliet (photography) …

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West Best Talkshow

On Saturday I had a lovely evening at the West Best Talkshow talking about my project The Story of Geuzenhof, a long-term documentation about social housing, green heritage and residents’ participation. By chance I met someone, who was born and …

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Talking about Geuzenhof

In the meantime, I have completed the research for my project ‘The Story of Geuzenhof‘ and will start presenting the project to the public. I look forward to seeing you at one of the first presentations in the coming weeks. …

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The Story of Geuzenhof

The end of my research for my project ‘The Story of Geuzenhof‘ is in sight. I have gathered fascinating, gripping stories and found intriguing visual material that I could never have imagined. My research will be published on the collection …

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