data visualization

Another Europe

Another Europe Visual concept and design of a publication published by the European Cultural Foundation (NL) to provide an overview of the concepts and experiences that have emerged from collaborating with cultural initiatives in the EU Neighbourhood countries. Since initiating its …

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Infodecodata The research project Designing universal knowledge was the starting point of our contribution to the exhibition Infodecodata. The exhibition discusses the role of information design and presents historical and new forms of data visualizations. We designed a 26-meter-long data wall with …

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The Good Cause

The Good Cause Exhibition and graphic design of the exhibition The Good Cause – Architecture of Peace, shown at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Montreal (CA), 2011. The exhibition examines issues arising from the reconstruction of post-war territories. It questions whether reconstruction …

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Social security

Social security Design of a pictogram system and 32 data visualizations (infographics, charts, diagrams) for the scientific publication Rules of Relief – Institutions of Social Security, and Their Impact by Cok Vrooman, 2009. The analyses focus on the nature and societal role of …

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Climate change

Climate change Scientific diagrams and infographics on the complex system of climate change and the Earth’s climate history for the publication For Climate’s Sake! (Mensch Klima!), 2011. The book is a cooperation between Lars Müller Publishers and the Department of …

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Cultural database

Cultural database Concept and design of a brochure promoting DutchCulture’s international Offshore database in 2009. Design of a bubble map chart and a donut chart for visualizing statistical numbers with. Client: DutchCulture – Centre for International Cooperation (NL)

International network

International network Concept and design of a large size world map displaying DutchCulture’s international cultural activities in 2008. Client: DutchCulture – Centre for International Cooperation (NL)

Financial Crisis

Financial crisis Concept and design of a series of infographics for the financial magazine Relevant of ABN AMRO in 2008. The infographics provide an overview of the economy of The Netherlands, China, Germany, The United States and Western Europe. Client: MediaPartners, Amstelveen …

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Making the Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible by Gerlinde Schuller and Claudia Weber The book documents a unique accumulation of superlatives. Light is shed on two business strategies – CargoLifter and Tropical Islands – attempting to realise mankind’s primordial dreams, the dream of flying …

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