I am working on a new research project in which I will investigate the historical development of a special complex and garden – Geuzenhof, Amsterdam (NL).

In ‘The Story of Geuzenhof’ I will link historical and current events on building green and social housing.

At the beginning of Geuzenhof stood a collaboration of well-known creative and socially engaged personalities, including urban planners Cornelis van Eesteren and Jakoba Mulder, building contractor Huibert van Saane, architects Jacob Dunnebier and Johannes F. Berghoef, garden architect Mien Ruys and designer Piet Zwart. This process line now includes Copijn Utrecht (NL), who created the plans for the redevelopment of the Geuzenhof 1 garden (2022-2023).

More information on the project

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Geuzenhof, Amsterdam (NL), 2022

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