pictogram system

Social security

Social security Design of a pictogram system and 32 data visualizations (infographics, charts, diagrams) for the scientific publication Rules of Relief – Institutions of Social Security, and Their Impact by Cok Vrooman, 2009. The analyses focus on the nature and societal role of …

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Financial Crisis

Financial crisis Concept and design of a series of infographics for the financial magazine Relevant of ABN AMRO in 2008. The infographics provide an overview of the economy of The Netherlands, China, Germany, The United States and Western Europe. Client: MediaPartners, Amstelveen …

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Dutch development projects

Dutch development projects Design of a set of pictograms and an infographic on the Dutch development projects in Afghanistan in 2006/07. Client: Vrij Nederland, Amsterdam (NL)

Clean Tech Rankings

Clean Tech Rankings Design of interactive infographics for the IEEE Spectrum Magazine in 2009. The infographics show the world’s cleanest companies according to their green patents and give an indication of how dedicated a company is to clean technologies over …

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