information visualization

International network

International network Concept and design of a large size world map displaying DutchCulture’s international cultural activities in 2008. Client: DutchCulture – Centre for International Cooperation (NL)

Hudson’s Journey

Hudson’s journey Design of different maps visualizing Henry Hudson’s voyage in 1609.Hudson sailed out of the port of Amsterdam with the VOC ship ‘De Halve Maen’ with the intention to find a faster route to the East Indies. But instead, he …

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Pension Report

Pension report Visual concept of a personalized pension report for Aegon, a life insurance, pensions and asset management company. The financial data of the client is entered by the Aegon pension advisor and can be immediately translated into an information visualization. …

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Pension System

Pension system Concept and design of infographics on the Dutch pension system for the Annual Report 2009 (EN/NL) of the APG Group. Financial services provider APG Group provides services such as executive consultancy, asset management, pension administration, pension communication and …

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Clean Tech Rankings

Clean Tech Rankings Design of interactive infographics for the IEEE Spectrum Magazine in 2009. The infographics show the world’s cleanest companies according to their green patents and give an indication of how dedicated a company is to clean technologies over …

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Universal Encyclopaedia

Universal Encyclopaedia Visual concept for the Meyers Universal Encyclopedia based on the question: How can a contemporary encyclopaedia sends the reader on a journey of discovery throughout the book? Client: Bibliographisches Institut & F.A. Brockhaus (D), 2005

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