I am working on a new project:
– Our craft is our heritage
– Ons ambacht is onze nalatenschap
– Unser Handwerk ist unser Vermächtnis
– Meșteșugul nostru este moștenirea noastră

Taking the crafts of the Transylvanian Saxons as a starting point, I am investigating the cultural connections between the Netherlands, Germany and Romania.

The community of the Flandrenses, today known as the Transylvanian Saxons, settled in waves in Transylvania from the 12th century onwards. They were recruited from the Meuse Valley, a region that today belongs to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

Using crafts – weaving, embroidery, ceramics, woodworking, basketry and architecture – I want to outline this intriguing European migration history in an exhibition.

More information on the project

Reconstruction of the atelier of Constantin Brâncuși (RO/FR),
Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR), 1992-1996

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