Remixing/Remapping Europe

Visual concept and design of two publications unveiling the imagery of migrants in European media, produced in the framework of Remapping Europe – A Remix Project Highlighting the Migrant’s Perspective.

This investigative and artistic project explores the tools and concepts of remixing media as a method to re-view, re-investigate and re-consider prevailing imageries of migrants in European societies. Four individual case studies of recent media incidents provide the starting points for an analysis of country-specific, cultural and historical contexts that influence public perception of migrants and migration.

Remixing Europe is structured in four country chapters (Spain, UK, Turkey, Poland) and one Macro chapter. The graphic design uses a mix of style elements from newspapers and the Internet: inserts, large quotes, web fonts, tags above the articles, tag clouds, screenshots, film stills and press photos.

Remapping Europe is a film catalogue, presenting the artistic projects of 53 media-makers from the four different countries which are discussed in Remixing Europe.

A poster printed on both sides serves as the covers for both publications. The front cover of Remixing Europe shows a selection from 13,268 possible anagrams of the title. The front cover of Remapping Europe shows a screenshot from each film overlapping each other and forming a new collage.

The two publications were published in 2014 by the European Cultural Foundation (NL).

“The act of migration is a blank space on the map: it is tied to no place and it is rooted only in movement and in the transgression of borders.
That a border is a constructed entity, drawn on a map, has to be taken for granted.
However, to at least mentally reshape and re-investigate notions of the border – to remap – we must acknowledge different interpretations of ‘locality’, of ‘region’ or of ‘home’.”

Vivian Paulissen
European Cultural Foundation (NL)
in the introduction of Remixing Europe

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