We design information and
make complexity accessible

Information Design
Information Visualizations
Visual Journalism
Visual Systems

The World as Flatland is specialized in the
development and design of complex information.
Our objective is to derive additional knowledge by
organising, combining, condensing and visualising
complex data.
Our work does not depend on certain media and

involves a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to
communication, combining skills from graphic
design, web design, 3D design, psychology,
cognitive science, information theory and cultural
Design deliverables
Work examples

We make experimental research

We find it very important to further develop

information design in free, experimental projects.
Our definition of information design is based on an
interdisciplinary attitude and an openness towards
all creative disciplines, especially art, architecture
and digital media. We develop our own formats to
discuss Information Design in publications and
Designing universal knowledge – Book
Designing universal knowledge – Exhibition

We lecture, teach and talk

Gerlinde Schuller gives lectures on information

design and writes about the discipline. She also
gives workshops on the basics of information
design to graphic- and editorial designers.
If you are interested in a workshop and you have
further questions send us an email.

Gerlinde Schuller

She is specialized in information design and visual
journalism and founded The World as Flatland.
Schuller grew up in Romania and Germany and
lives since 1999 in the Netherlands.
She studied Visual Communication at the Academy
of Art and Design, Offenbach am Main (D). Before
she started her own studio, she worked at Cartlidge
Levene Design, London (UK) and Irma Boom Office,
Amsterdam (NL). Besides working on commissions
for international clients, Schuller teaches information
design and writes about the discipline. From 2001
to 2005, she taught information design at the Willem
de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (NL).
In her own publications she focuses on examining

complex subjects by creating experimental visual
systems. Schuller is author of the systematic book
Designing universal knowledge (2009) and
co-author of Making the Impossible Possible (2006)

and Amsterdam in documents (2011).


The World as Flatland
Karel Doormanstraat 127
1055 VE Amsterdam

T. 0031 20 489 30 81



The World as Flatland – Report 1
Designing universal knowledge
by Gerlinde Schuller

Lars Müller Publishers, 2009
About the book

‘Schuller has undoubtedly created
a gorgeous text with an engaging
layout, smart typography and well-
selected accompanying photographs
and illustrations, but the true merit
of the book is not as a design object
but as a brilliant consideration of

the intersection of information
and culture.’
Greg J. Smith, Serial Consign

‘In this brilliant book one can detect veins both of ‘protestant’ asceticism (systems, simplicity) and permissive, anti-authoritarianism (computer
hacking, freedom of speech).’
David Crowley, Creative Review

‘The book introduces quality into the great mass of information, in a sphere in which the hub of online knowledge, the renowned Wikipedia, is developed partly with contributions from all its users, without exception.’
Massimo Marra, Domus

The World as Flatland

Read our books

Amsterdam in stukken
Amsterdam in documents

by Mariëlle Hageman and Gerlinde Schuller

De Bezige Bij/Lido Publishers, 2011
About the book

‘Amsterdam in documents is
a masterpiece (...), a sort of branch
of the City Archives Amsterdam.'

Dick de Scally, AT5