Amsterdam in documents
by Mariëlle Hageman and Gerlinde Schuller

The starting point of this systematic book are the numerous archiving processes used in the Amsterdam City Archives, one of the largest city archives in the world. From the extensive collection of millions of documents, 200 pieces have been filtered for this book, showing in different ways how the archive has systematically documented the city of Amsterdam over
the years.
Using the structure of a timeline, the book goes back into time, from the digital acquisitions in 2010 to the first record of the city in 1275. Tag clouds, zooms, search engines, theme links, data visualizations and metadata can help while navigating through the book and allow the reader to jump through time in a non-linear way.

De Bezige Bij / Lido Publishers, 2011
15 x 22 cm, 400 pages, Dutch/English

Paperback, appr. 800 images
ISBN 9789055448371

Available at bookstores worldwide

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